Work It

Work It (2020)

Genre: Comedy
joyadda Joy Score 7.0 / 10

The Movie revolves around Quinn Ackerman who’s currently in High school but wishes to go to Duke University because her late father graduated from there. When she goes for the interview, the interviewer asks her to get into some extra-curricular activities for the admission to make her resume better than others. She lies to her that she’s in the school dance group but in reality she knows nothing about dance. Her best friend Jas is great at dancing and is in the school dance group. So Quinn asks for her help to teach her so that she can get into the team.

Still, she gets rejected and claims that she’ll make a dance team of her own and manages to get Jas on her team. All the best dancers are taken by Thunderbirds so they pick out underdogs in the hope that they’ll get better with time and practise.She also convinces Jake Taylor, a top choreographer to help the team to win the championships. All this while a spark lights up between Quinn and Jake.

At first, she just wanted to get a tick on the box for her admission but overtime she develops love for dancing and wants to work with the team to win together and enjoys her time. This is a great feel good movie, the dance performances, romance and the characters are heartwarming.

Work It Release Date

07 August 2020

Work It Cast


The star cast and their performance both were amazing. One thing is for sure that you are going to love the dancing and the music throughout the movie.

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