Tribes of Europa Season 1

Tribes of Europa Season 1 (2021)

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The story revolves around the set in 2074 when three siblings set out to change the destiny of Europe after a global catastrophe causes Europe to fracture into dystopian warring tribal micro-states that vie for dominance over the other states. Later the three siblings get caught up in the conflict when they come into possession of a mysterious cube. Tribes of Europa will have a total of six episodes, based on language in English and German. It will surely be interesting to see how the politics of such a parted futuristic Europe will play out, and how the mysterious artifact will threaten the remains of humanity.


Tribes of Europa Season 1 Release Date

19 February 2021


  • Director Philip Koch, Florian Baxmeyer
  • Language German and English
  • OTT Platform Netflix


The movie is produced from the same producers of Netflix’s “Dark” and everybody had high hopes from it. But this one wasn’t as mysterious or won’t make you wonder. It was very predictable and there was nothing new. While watching it, you’ll remember other shows and movies that were way better like ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘The 100’. People who purely loved watching ‘Dark’ won’t enjoy it as it’s predictable and not unique. Although watching a big-budget European series was new but the elements were not portrayed correctly with poor acting skills. If you have no options and are in a mood to watch a sci-fi kinda movie then you should go for it.

FAQs about Tribes of Europa Season 1

  • Who is the director of Tribes of Europa Season 1?
    Philip Koch, Florian Baxmeyer
  • Who is the writer of Tribes of Europa Season 1?
    Philip Koch,Jana Burbach, Benjamin Seiler
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