The One

The One (2021)

Genre: Sci-fi
joyadda Joy Score 8.2 / 10

The one is a sci-fi fiction series revolving around. This series is based on the novel with the same name by John Marrs which was published in 2017. It’s a 10 episode series set in the future. In this world, a DNA test decides who is your perfect partner or soulmate. No matter how perfect we feel our relationship is, in the back of our mind we always feel what if there is someone better out there for me. Here your sample of hair will help you find the one. It sounds simple but is way complicated.

The One Release Date

12 March 2021

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It seems like a dream come true, if a person is able to find their one true love, Someone better, someone suited. A Single strand of hair is all it takes to be matched with the one person that you are genetically guaranteed to fall in love with. This is what ‘THE ONE’ talks about. The series is an adaptation of novel by the same name written by John Marrs. Rebecca Webb (Hannah Ware) is a famous scientist, who became instantly famous when she announced to the world that through a DNA report, a person will be able to find their soulmate. The series, a sci-fi thriller drama on Netflix started on a promising note of serving something unique to their audience. But as the series move further it loses its actual story line and turned into a corporate drama, love affairs and into a murder mystery.

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