The House Arrest of Us

The House Arrest of Us (2020)

joyadda Joy Score 8.8 / 10

The House Arrest of Us is a web series which is based on the story of two people who falls in love with each other. Taking their love story forward, they decide to get marry and with this they choose the traditional Filipino steps to get marry. In this custom, the groom’s family reach the bride’s house but somehow due to some unfortunate happenings, it seemed that the both the families didn’t end up having good terms with each other. Hence they ended up fighting against each other’s statements and thoughts. The twist arose when their disputes led their mindset to break the couple.


The House Arrest of Us Release Date

24 October 2020

The House Arrest of Us Cast


  • Director Richard Arellano


Brilliant acting, interesting screenplay which might be boring to some people but the unpredictable plot will probably keep you engaged till the end. This movie is very much lighthearted filled with emotions, comedy and drama. Personally, some scenes will be relatable as the time period signifies the lockdown period when everyone were stuck in their home.

It's a very simple yet beautiful movie. Highly recommended to everyone. The story is beautifully presented which is very enjoyable. Fantastic acting of the actors. A big thumbs up to the director and the entire cast and crew for such an amazing content.

FAQs about The House Arrest of Us

  • Who is the director of The House Arrest of Us?
    Richard Arellano
  • Who is playing lead role in The House Arrest of Us?
    Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernado