The Dig

The Dig (2021)

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A rich young widow Edith brown had an intuition that her estate has historical values and there are some historical valuables hidden underneath. In Spite of obligations by Charles Phillips(Ken Stott) the Ipswich museum head, she appointed Basil Brown a humble amateur archaeologist who had a great knowledge of history to search for it. Basil soon found out that there was much more than what they thought was hidden beneath. Edith's younger son Robert(Archie Barnes) admired Basil Brown as a father figure and was very much excited to dig the treasure along with him. Soon with the help of his team he was able to discover the hidden treasures. And with the arrival of new helpers to dig, the story soon started to revolve around the love, differences of the diggers apart from just searching for treasure. And soon everyone was surprised to see the unexpected hidden underneath. Never in dreams too no one could ever think that a 88-foot large ship could be buried under, including a lot of other valuables from the sixth/seventh century of the Anglo- Saxon era.


The Dig Release Date

14 January 2021


A Netflix movie originally based on the novel written by John Preston and directed by Simon Stone is a historical Drama film which takes you down to the memory lane of the events of 1939 excavation of Sutton Hoo. Based on the true events that took place before the outbreak of world war II in Suffolk, England,1939, when Basil Brown(Ralph Fiennes) was hired by Mrs.Edith pretty(Carry Mulligan) to do an archaeological research in her Estate which very soon became one of the biggest archeological finds in the British history and was later famously known as Sutton Hoo treasure.

The movie depicts the era of 1939 very beautifully, from costumes, to sets, to perfectly talented cast everything is totally going to mesmerize you. Though some of you may find the pace of the movie a little slow but it is a visual delight, with beautiful cinematography. So if you are a fan of period drama and treasure hunters then this flick is definitely going to tickle your bones from its chilling findings.

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