The Big Day

The Big Day (2021)

joyadda Joy Score 7.8 / 10

Netflix's The Big Day is based on the theme of those the big fat Indian weddings. The series will take you on a tour into the multibillion-dollar wedding industry, and will portray a chance to be a part of the most unique and lavish modern weddings. The show will be based on gorgeous decor, designer outfits, and some outstanding wedding themes. The show will also have couples talk about crafting their happily ever after. The show will feature six engaged couples as they plan their big fat Indian wedding.


The Big Day Release Date

14 February 2021

The Big Day Cast


  • Director Ashish Sawhay, Aakriti Mehta & Faraz Arif Ansari
  • Release Date 14th February, 2021
  • Language English and Hindi
  • OTT Platform Netflix


The story shows the weddings of six couples, two in each episode. Netflix has tried to have a modern take on traditional Indian weddings. It’s trending #1 in India and is a three-episode series showcasing India’s wedding industry. What they have tried to show is adding the modern touch depending on the needs of the bride and groom and how they want to make their big day even more special for them. Modern ways like having a sustainable wedding, same sex couple wedding, equal part of bride, stereotypical rituals and more. Although, it was fun watching all the decorations, themes, outfits and knowing different stories of the couples like how they met, their journey and you feel so much love.

FAQs about The Big Day

  • Who is the director of The Big Day?
    Ashish Sawhay, Aakriti Mehta & Faraz Arif Ansari
  • What is the release date of The Big Day?
    14th February, 2021