Snowpiercers Season 2

Snowpiercers Season 2 (2021)

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In the season 2, a whole new struggle is here as the people will get divided into two parts, those who are loyal towards Layton and Mr.Wilford, with new train, with new technology and a secret game plan. Layton will fight with Mr.Wilford for the soul of the Snowpiecer and Melanie will discover something new that might change the luck of Humanity. The show left us hanging what Mr.Wilford has done to Alexandra’s mind. And the story now will pick up from where we left.


Snowpiercers Season 2 Release Date

25 January 2021


  • Release Date 25th January 2021
  • Language English


Snowpiercers Season 2 released today on January 26, this Tuesday in India on Netflix. It starred the main characters Melanie Cavill played by Jennifer Connelly and Andre Layton played by Daveed Digs. A must watch for people who love Sci-fi, storytelling and special effects. This mystery will keep you engaged and we are so excited to know how it is going to turn out! We are sure that there will be a season 3 and fans are waiting for the train to reach a station. The show is very interesting and we’ll definitely recommend it.

FAQs about Snowpiercers Season 2

  • What is the release date of Snowpiercers Season 2?
    25th January 2021