Skater Girl

Skater Girl (2021)

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Skater Girl is a Netflix original movie that premiered on 11 June 2021 on the Netflix platform. The movie is about a teenage Rajasthani girl who found her new passion in life. She was introduced to Skateboarding by a woman who came to her village from the west. The girl immediately falls in love with Skateboarding, and she explains her joys and happiness when is on the Skateboard. She feels her life has no rules, no restrictions when she rides the board.

The story is has a family drama and social conflict, where they differentiate the sports between boys and girls. And the girls aren’t allowed to not do many things in life compare to boys. But the skater girl has a different approach about finding the drams and wings to the life through the skateboard. The story is new refreshing and will be overwhelming to watch the skater Girl on Netflix


Skater Girl Release Date

11 June 2021


Skater Girl is a heartwarming film in recent times. The movie shares a lukewarm story and emotions with the audience. The main lead characters of the girl and teacher Prena who introduced the village kids to skateboarding have done a commendable job with the support of side actors. The movie portrays a typical small village of Rajasthan where there is a caste system in the village and equality between Men and Women.

The skateboard is used as an object to show the rebellious nature of the kids against the stereotypical society, especially for the girls. There are many layers to the story which shows the deeper social issues excepts for the gender, the economical and caste system but it fails to dig out the pure emotions and also the passion which children feel for a skateboard but for the audience to felt the same emotions is a maybe, Overall Skateboard is a movie you can to relax or refresh your mind.

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