Pandya Store

Pandya Store (2021)

Genre: Drama

Pandya store TV serial revolves around Gaurav, Dhara, and their struggle to save their mortgaged house and shop - Pandya Store. The shop was given on mortgage by his father for financial assistance. As soon as Gaurav and Dhara get married they start working at the Pandya Store to pay the debts. Gaurav gets tensed when he receives papers from the advocate but Dhara is always there for him to support. They have to manage the expenses a lot as they have three younger brothers also. Dhara is Gaurav’s support system and his motivation in hard times. Will Gaurav and Dhara be able to save their house and Pandya store?

Pandya Store Release Date

25 January 2021


FAQs about Pandya Store

  • What is the release date of Pandya Store?
    25 January 2021
  • Who is the producer of Pandya Store?
    Sunjoy Wadhwa