Pacific Rim : The Black

Pacific Rim : The Black (2021)

joyadda Joy Score 7.5 / 10

Pacific Rim: The Black takes place in the future on a point in which humanity is in war against Kaiju. They are trying to survive post-apocalyptic in Australia as it is overrun by the monsters. The story revolves around two siblings Taylor and Hayley Travis, Their parents were Jaeger Pilots and now they both are trying to find their missing parents, where they stumble upon an old abandoned Jaeger and they try to learn it themselves how to ride it. There’s a good mix of monster battles and family drama. This is an anime series which is based on a feature film also known as ‘Pacific Rim’.


Pacific Rim : The Black Release Date

04 March 2021

Pacific Rim : The Black Cast


  • Director 4 March 2021
  • Language English
  • OTT Platform Netflix


This seven episode anime was quite something, they tried to include too many ideas. Well, a lot of scenes were inspired from multiple franchisee of monster movies and shows. The show is not just about two kids on an adventure to find their parents, there is so much more to it but the writing is a little amateur. The deep jargon and proper backstory serves a purpose when it centered the franchise within the context of an elaborate and carefully built world. The production is great, the giant monsters, robots and both of them fighting against each other. The whole bit to keep the humans safe, well that doesn’t happen. Death comes to many characters quite early. If you love watching anime then we’d definitely recommend you to watch this series.

FAQs about Pacific Rim : The Black

  • What is the release date of Pacific Rim : The Black?
    4 March 2021