Outside The Wire

Outside The Wire (2021)

joyadda Joy Score 7.0 / 10

Outside the Wire is 2021 American science drama that revolves around the story of how Anthony Mackie who works along with a drone pilot, as an android officer, in order to stop global devastation. The theme of the story is completely based on a military psychology. Outside the Wire is all set in eastern Europe, where a brutal and destructive civil war tends to intensify.

Harp and Leo set out with an aim to put a stop to the Russian terrorist Victor Koval from obtaining control of a network of Cold War era nuclear missile silos, under the cover of delivering vaccines to a refugee camp.


Outside The Wire Release Date

15 January 2021


  • Director Mikael Hafstrom


Every part of the movie scenes are greatly portrayed - actors, emotions and others. However, the only place where it lost it pace is somewhere in the midway of the story, and hence because of that it ended quite in a casual way. The story has presented the dangers of the modern war technologies. It also shows the target on short-terms goals of beginning and winning battles.

Mackie is seen as an one man army which is quite great and feature some nice battle and gunplay. The story picks out a lot of queries based on warfare but instead of sticking to the main issue it gets lost in thriller and action.

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