Night Stalker

Night Stalker (2021)

Genre: ThrillerCrime
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It’s a limited series about a serial killer, Richard Ramirez. He terrorised Los Angeles in 1984-85. A young detective and a homicide investigator trying to solve the case while people fear a guy called “boogeyman” with no pattern of method in his crimes. This includes interviews of survivors, police, journalists and families. archival footage and original photographs. It’s directed by Tiller Rusell and he got the idea about this documentary when his production partner, Tim Walsh interacted with one of the detectives who worked on this case. While creating the series, he wanted to make sure that they tell the story of Richard.


Night Stalker Release Date

13 January 2021

Night Stalker Cast


  • Director James Carroll
  • Release Date 13th January, 2021
  • Language English


The Night Stalker is a royal documentary for true crime fans streaming on Netflix. Throughout Ricard’s murder spree, the whole state lived in fear, he’d sneak in from open windows and doors, steal, sexual assault and murder the victims. Victims were from 6 to 82 age, men, women and children, all types of weapons, there was no pattern. He killed 12 people in California. It’s quite disturbing to watch the series as they showcase real photographs of victims with dripping blood, it’s unpleasant.

In the last episode, Richard Ramirez is finally caught and his name, pictures are all over the place. As he realised he’s in trouble he started running away and a patrol car ran behind him but he was beaten up by people in the neighborhood eventually police caught him and he was given 19 death sentences for all the crimes that he did. He died in 2013 in prison from Lymphoma. His case still resonates with people who live there and still have bars on the windows.

If you love watching crime and thriller, this one will give you goosebumps as all the real documents are not very pleasant to watch but the storytelling is done very well.

FAQs about Night Stalker

  • Who is the director of Night Stalker?
    James Carroll and Tiller Russell
  • What is the release date of Night Stalker?
    13th January,2021