News of the world

News of the world (2021)

joyadda Joy Score 7.2 / 10

Capt. Jefferson Kyle Kidd is a Civil War veteran and we see him in 1870 in Wichita, Texas with some scars after the war. He goes town to town and reads news from all around the world. He tries to mix the current events with tales from the past which increases interest in the crowd. On this journey he has to deliver an orphaned girl, Johanna to her new home. She was torn between two families - German and Kiowa, at the age where she develops her identity. On the way, they meet different tribes. We can say that it’s an old fashioned epic and a modern folk.


News of the world Release Date

10 February 2021


  • Director Paul Greengrass
  • Release Date 10 February, 2021
  • Duration 1h 59m
  • OTT Platform Netflix


It’s an old fashioned epic with a modern soul. So much attention has been paid to every small bit of the movie. Tom Hanks acting is worth the watch throughout the movie! “I guess we both have demons to face down this road.” this line will give you chills in the movie. The story is about Kidd, a civil war veteran who travels from town to town to read news happening all over the world. Also, on his journey, he wants to drop an orphaned girl to her new home. It’s story will showcase the importance of stories and Hanks has done it perfectly doing it the old traditional oral way. We can say that the News of the world is a modern folk. The movie is filled with many spaces and people in crowds. You’ll find broken people in broken places. The movie has gorgeous scenes, beautiful views and beautiful stories. It’s a one time watch and we’d definitely recommend you to watch it.

FAQs about News of the world

  • Who is the director of News of the world?
    Paul Greengrass
  • What is the release date of News of the world?
    10 February, 2021
  • Who is playing lead role in News of the world?
    Tom Hanks