Money Heist

Money Heist (2017)

joyadda Joy Score 8.8 / 10

Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Álex Pina. The series revolves around two pre-planned heists led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), one on the Royal Mint of Spain, and one on the Bank of Spain. The story has been narrated in a fanciful manner, which also tells about the personality of each of the characters and is based on flashbacks, time-lapse, those intentions of the characters that will be revealed later, and an unreliable narrator for complexity. The series tends to extinguish the heist theme by being narrated from the thought process of a woman, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), and having a strong Spanish identity, where emotional actions and gestures tend to counterbalance the actual planned crime.

The story is set in Madrid, where a mysterious man is known as "The Professor" appoints a bunch of eight people, who choose cities for code-names, to carry out a missionary plan that involves entering the Royal Mint of Spain, and escaping with €2.4 billion. Just after taking 67 people hostage inside the Mint, the team plans to remain inside for 11 days to print the money as they deal with elite police forces. In the events succeeding the initial heist, the group is forced out of hiding and find themselves preparing for a second heist, this time on the Bank of Spain, as they again deal with hostages and police forces.

Money Heist Release Date

02 May 2017


It is full of drama, thrill, romance. The series is full of mind games and fine strategies. The series received several awards. There is some situation where you must cry. Police Or government did several things wrong to them but they did nothing wrong even having so many guns etc they used those but no one killed by them. For so many reasons of heroic things they become idols and get support from the public. Great Direction, Writing & Acting. This amazing Series takes your mind to dream that what will happen next.

This 4 season thriller circles around a highly trained group of mobsters who are off to the biggest money-heist operation of history by breaking into the Royal mint of a country more like the bravest invasion ever made by any mob gang. The stellar cast is the most important part of this amazing edge-of-the-seat thriller, kudos to the director and screenplay writer for creating an impeccable gripping thriller that gets more intense by every season passed. Each character is perfectly crafted by the director who is an essential part of this whole team especially "Professor" who is the mastermind of this whole heist mission left his strong impression on the audience's mind with a stellar performance. Must watch it it's yet another superb thrilling ride.

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