Love (2021)

Genre: DramaThriller
joyadda Joy Score 8.8 / 10

Love is a story, that portrays a dark incident. It kickstart towards the exploration of the character’s psyche. In this film, there happens to be some lesser degree of characters interactions taking place within a limited space, and those discussions consist a phase of some unexpected dark humour. The theme of the story is basically a black comedy whole throughout, that represents the idea of marriage a rather sinister turn.

Rajisha Vijayan plays the role of Deepthi and Shine Tom Chacko plays the role of Anoop. Deepthi comes to know that she is pregnant and sends Anoop a message. They are married but things are not-so-happy with the couple.

Love Release Date

29 January 2021


LOVE is a black comedy that will keep you hooked to its amazing thrilling situations, until the very last minute. Just like any psychological thrillers, LOVE too left the viewers speechless and just a little clueless. Truly gripping narration. The movie will not disappoint you.

The climax becomes a turning point twist in tail at the last scene. It keeps you on the edge and uncomfortable throughout. All the elements that you feel as inconsistent plot holes are washed away by the twist in the pre-climax. The final twist adds to the entertainment value but doesn't contribute much to the plot.

Overall, it's a great movie for those who enjoy tight well written scripts. Do watch it for its pace and excellent narration.

FAQs about Love

  • Who is the director of Love?
    Khalid Rahman