Love J Action

Love J Action (2021)

Genre: DramaAction
joyadda Joy Score 8.0 / 10

Love J Action is a story that revolves around a boy from Lucknow aka Jackson aka Anud, falls in love with a girl aka Kamya aka Kangan, who belongs to a reputable family at first instance .

The turning point is that Kamya is already getting married, and Jackson needs to save his love from getting into one more abusive relationship. Well, not that Kamya is as sorted as it appears ; she has some different motives too. How that unfolds and what it leads to becomes the plot.


Love J Action Release Date

12 March 2021


  • Production Houses Parin Multimedia Pvt Ltd


Love J Action kickstarts pretty well, holding our suspense in the beginning with twists and turns. It portrays us that the writers and director have jam packed the six episodes with all the twists the team could dream up, and then some more!

One of the most appreciable thing about the story is that, despite its complicated nature, it doesn’t resort to exposition to get its point across. The screenplay and the plotting is extremely gripping that will definitely amaze you. This show is highly recommended to everyone whoever are thriller lovers. Don’t miss out this amazing thrilling content. Without any doubt, the show will keep you hooked till the end.

FAQs about Love J Action

  • Who is the director of Love J Action ?
    Saurabh Tewari
  • Who is the producer of Love J Action ?
    Kewal Sethi, Sumeet Chaudhry