Lahore Confidential

Lahore Confidential (2021)

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It’s about Ananya(Richa Chadda)an indian RAW agent and an ardent fan of urdu poetry, a shy and an emotional person completely opposite of what we feel a spy personality should be, has been sent to Pakistan by the RAW on a mission to get information about Wasim Ahmed Khan a wanted terrorist in India. And the only person who could help her to reach Ahmed Khan is the famous pakistani socialite Rauf(Arunoday Singh). Their fondness for urdu poetry and culture brought them close and made them fall in love with each other. Will Ananya be able to find the real truth about Rauf or who the real culprit is?!


Lahore Confidential Release Date

04 February 2021


  • Director Kunal Kohli
  • Release Date 4th February, 2021
  • Language Hindi


It is always fun to watch spy movies though all of them have a lot of things common like unpredictability, romance between the agents, the stakes are high and the only thing you can trust is that you are definitely going to be entertained until the final credits roll. Zee 5 latest release “Lahore Confidential” is a spy thriller love story directed by Kunal Kohli that shows what happens when two RAW agents and rival spies find themselves attracted to each other .

The plot had potential but got muddled between romance and patriotism. The story is about two spies who fall in love with each other but what’s stopping them is their strong love for patriotism.
Ananya is an Indian RAW agent passionate about urdu poetry and is very emotional. On her mission to get information about Wasim Ahmed Khan. Rauf is a pakistani socialite and is the only person who can help her to reach him. Rauf also loves urdu poetry and culture, this one thing brings them close. What turn will their love story take? Who is the real terrorist? Is Rauf really who he is showing? You’ll have to watch it to know all that!

FAQs about Lahore Confidential

  • Who is the director of Lahore Confidential?
    Kunal Kohli
  • What is the release date of Lahore Confidential?
    4th February, 2021
  • Who is playing lead role in Lahore Confidential?
    Richa Chadha and Arunoday Singh