I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot (2021)

Genre: ComedyCrime
joyadda Joy Score 6.7 / 10

The story revolves around Marla Grayson, a con woman who makes her living by cheating old people on the pretext of being their caretaker. She then takes the elderly person to an assisted living place and later sells off their properties and assets for her own profit.And she was able to do this with the help of a judge, who helped her to appoint her as the guardian and the other person was Dr. Karen Amos,who informs her about the wealthy elders to whom she can con. so, when Dr Amos testifies in the court about Jennifer Peterson, a single retired lady with no one to look after, the judge appoints Marla as her guardian. Marla then moves Jennifer to the assisted living facility and robs off her valuables diamonds. But little did she know that this time her crime was going to be revealed and she had messed up with the wrong person as Jennifer turned out to be the mother of a former russian mob lord, Roman Lunyov who soon found out the truth about Marla, when he sent one of his accomplices to look for her mother.Soon he sent his lawyer Dean to release her mother from the guardianship of Marla but the court dismissed the case.
Jennifer informed Marla about the danger she is going to face but Marla was not ready to give up on Jennifer. Roman send his three henchmen to find Jnnifer but was captured by the police with the help of Marla.She discovered the truth about Roman,but rather then being scared or give up she once again tried to frame Roman with the help of her girlfriend Fran, with lots of twists and turns she became the legal guardian of Roman as advised by the court..Impressed with Marla Roman offered Marla partnership in his business. She soon became the CEO of the company. But as destiny called she got shot by Mr.Feldstrom, whose mother she had conned earlier.


I Care a Lot Release Date

19 February 2021


  • Director J Blakeson
  • Release Date 19th February, 2021
  • Duration 1h 59m
  • OTT Platform Netflix


I Care A Lot is a dark comedy currently being released on Netflix that talks about the american nursing homes and guardianship system for the old people, its flaws and misuse of the system by some greedy people.Rosamund Pike as Marla convincingly portrays the monstrous character as a very ruthless, cruel, cunning and a greedy person. Her never give up attitude makes you hate her. And with a totally new storyline the movie successfully conveys a powerful message that laws can be misused and can harm elderly peoples with their wicked desires.The movie contains strong language,violence which becomes unbearable to watch at timesThough the movie starts out with very high expectations but fails to connect with the audience as reels move further..Ending though came as a surprise and make you believe in the justice of god that karma do strike back.

FAQs about I Care a Lot

  • Who is the director of I Care a Lot?
    J Blakeson
  • What is the release date of I Care a Lot?
    19th February, 2021