Flora and Ulysses

Flora and Ulysses (2021)

joyadda Joy Score 8.8 / 10

Flora and Ulysses is a 2021 release based on an American theme relating to a family superhero comedy. The story is based on the children's novel having the same name. The narration is about a girl (Flora Buckman) who later seems to be adopting a squirrel naming it Ulysses. The best part of the story pops up when the squirrel tends to have possessed superpowers. It will be interesting to watch out for the relationship shared between Flora and Ulysses.


Flora and Ulysses Release Date

19 February 2021


Flora & Ulysses bend towards falling into the plot where twists of fancy contents that kids’ movies of this generation often get themselves in, but however surprisingly it never happens. As a matter of fact, this hopeful comedy portrays how a twitchy-tailed hero can bring unpredictable changes in a family, lifts off, and flies. Flora’s thoughts give the space for ample shifts to an animated 3D alternate world. The interconnection shared between Flora and almost everyone else, keeps you definitely hooked and after giving it a watch you will definitely feel contented.

FAQs about Flora and Ulysses

  • Who is playing lead role in Flora and Ulysses?
    Matilda Lawler
  • Who is the writer of Flora and Ulysses?
    Brad Copeland