Finding Ohana

Finding Ohana (2021)

joyadda Joy Score 5.9 / 10

The movie revolves around two teenagers Pili and Loane who are from Brooklyn, They go to Oahu for summer vacation to meet their grandfather as he is ill. They are at a risk of losing their ancestral home as they can’t afford to pay the bills which might cause them to leave Brooklyn and start living here which makes both of them sad and that’s when they discover an old journal that leads them to a long lost treasure, which can sae their home and they wouldn’t have to leave Brooklyn. They go on an adventure together which leads them to connect to their Hawaiian Heritage on the trip.

Finding Ohana Release Date

29 January 2021

Finding Ohana Cast


  • Director Jude Wang
  • Release Date 29 January 2021
  • Language Spanish, English, Hawaiian
  • Production Houses Ian Bryce Productions


Pili and Loane’s life takes a turn when they visit with their mother Leiliani, to Oahu in Hawaii to see their Grandfather who just had a heart attack. They are going to lose their ancestral home as they can’t afford to pay the bills and if they want to save it, they’ll have to leave Brooklyn and stay in Oahu. Pili finds an old journal written by Monks which shows a way to find the treasure and meets Casper. Her Grandfather takes Pili to a place where she can see the place where the treasure hides. Pili plans to go find the treasure with Casper so that they don’t have to leave Brooklyn, later Hana and Loane join them and it’s so much fun to watch them discover the treasure step by step and engaging as well, it is very similar to Dora the Explorer. The road to treasure was full of obstacles but in the end, they found the treasure. They realize that the place is a Kapu and they shouldn’t disturb the place and have to leave without gold to save their lives and their heritage and culture. It’s more about their Hawaiin culture and heritage rather than finding the treasure. Hawaii is so beautiful and serene that people don’t want to leave and so do Leiliane‘s kids understand that and they decide to shift to Oahu with their Grandfather and live together with their family and friends happy. It’s an adventurous movie and fun to watch with your family and popcorn!! I would recommend this movie as it was a light and fun movie. All the characters performed well and the story was entertaining.

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    Christina Strain