Double Dad

Double Dad (2021)

joyadda Joy Score 6.2 / 10

Double Dad, is a 2021 Brazilian comedy-drama film streaming on Netflix. The story revolves around an 18-year-old girl’s dreams that are based on finding the identification of her father’s existence. The film is one more ever-increasing list of Portuguese-language films on the streamer, and this time around, it’s the acceptable fare for the whole family.

Vicenza aka Maisa Silva always yearns to find out who her father is, which happens every year, especially on her birthday. On her 18th birthday, when Vicenza puts efforts to get the information about her father by asking her mother, who is Raion aka Laila Zaid, she always ends up saying that she doesn’t know anything. They were living in a beautiful hippie commune in Brazil, but this wasn’t what Vicenza wanted. However, one day when her mother left for India, taking that chance she went off in search of her father’s truth. With only a photo from a past Carnival to guide her, she sets off for Santa Teresa in the hopes of connecting with her potential father.

Double Dad Release Date

15 January 2021

Double Dad Cast


This is a brilliant family movie. The chemistry shared between the actors is really excellent. The story is light-hearted, emotional, and really fun with great visuals. The story entertains numerous storylines with comfort, counting Vicenza’s budding love story, Raion’s crazy trip to India, and the respective dads’ own lives and the way this all affects them. Double Dad is encouraged by the light and open-hearted personality of a young girl in search of the identity of her father, but nothing about this suggests the actual difficulty that anyone will make attempts to find a father might encounter.

FAQs about Double Dad

  • Who is the director of Double Dad?
    Cris D Amato
  • Who is the writer of Double Dad?
    Marcelo Andrade, Renato Fagundes, Joao Paulo Horta