Dev DD 2

Dev DD 2 (2021)

Genre: DramaRomance
joyadda Joy Score 7.6 / 10

The story picks up from where it was left in season 1, Devika goes back to Jaipur from Mumbai after she is heartbroken. Anurag dumped her and her best friend Chandi found out that she was dating her father. Devika is depressed and doesn’t feel like herself as the most important people in her life are not talking to her and have left her without any reason.

At this point, a school senior, Paritosh approaches her and tries to get her but she isn’t interested and soon she again meets Anurag as he is in jaipur to find female foeticide rackets. Chandi also comes to Jaipur and then Devika gets the idea of why the both of them left her and she then takes it upon her to get Chandni’s mother her house back. This is not all, every character has their own story and you’ll love each one of them.


Dev DD 2 Release Date

20 February 2021


This series is a Devdas adaptation with a touch of thrill. Dev DD2 released on ZEE5 on 20 February and it’s about Devika Dharam Dwivedi who’s gonna fight with her own battles. This sequel of Dev DD looks exciting and surely is a binge-watch web series. Throughout the series, Devika is very savage and fierce, be it getting Chandni’s mother her house back, replying to those women who were taunting hen or be it Standing up for Chandni and Radha being in a relationship in front of Chandni’s mother. We all need a Devika in our life. She does all this while dealing with all the issues in her love life with Anurag and Paritosh. The story is about friendship, celebration and love. It’s very natural and beautiful and it’s a feel good series. We’d definitely recommend you to watch it!

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