Deadly Illusions

Deadly Illusions (2021)

joyadda Joy Score 7.2 / 10

This horror movie starts with a best selling novelist who's having a major writer's block and she wants to give all her attention and focus to her writing. So she calls a nanny to take care of her twins And decides to pay all her attention to work. When she starts writing the novel, the line between the fiction book that book that she is writing and her own real life becomes blurry.

Deadly Illusions Release Date

18 March 2021

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Deadly illusions is a Netflix thriller. It's quite predictable but you can't help yourself when you still enjoy watching it. It's a psychodrama with average action and dialogues. Kristin Davis plays the role of Mary who's a bestselling author and feels that something strange happens everytime she writes and is having a writer's block. Her husband has made some hidden bad investment and basically they need money. She hires a nanny as she can't manage writing with her two twins and one daughter along with her husband. As she's unable to think to feel fresh she goes skinny dipping, bra shopping and dancing with the nanny. But is this even real? Or are these her illusions? The plot is very jumbled, you can't even figure out what the novel she's writing is about. It's a one time watch where you find comedy in a thriller movie.

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