Darbaan (2020)

Genre: Drama
joyadda Joy Score 8.0 / 10

Darbaan is a story is based on the Nobel Prize winner, Rabindra Nath Tagore's 1918 short story named as Khokababur Pratyabartan. The gist of the story is about the friendship bond which has been shared between a boy named as Anukul aka Anu and his caretaker named as Raicharan aka Raichu. Both of them belongs to different social and economic circumstances.

The story is based on Jharia village of Dhanbad. The story will turn the wheels back to the era of 1971, the time if the year when the coal mines were nationalised. During that time, Naren Tripathi (Anukul's father) faces a massive loss in his wealth. The time after Naren leaves the toen, to look after for some domestic help, the friendship of Anukul and Raichu kickstarts.

Darbaan Release Date

04 December 2020


The story is extremely heartwarming and touching. It holds great acting and is definitely worth your time. The flow of the story is very smooth and simple. The display of the friendship bond is beautifully presented. The movie has nothing extreme or over acting. The songs are too good and soothing. The star cast is drenched with amazing underrated actors.

The narrative style of the story portrayal is the main emotion of the movie. It is composed in such a way that it will definitely remain in your heart for a long time. It has the perfect blend of amazing direction and screenplay that makes it a hit. The best part of the story lies in the climax that will make you bound to give the story 5 star.

FAQs about Darbaan

  • Who is the director of Darbaan?
    Bipin Nadkarni
  • What is the release date of Darbaan?
    4th December 2020