Coming 2 America

Coming 2 America (2021)

Genre: Comedy
joyadda Joy Score 8.5 / 10

Coming 2 America is an upcoming sequel to the original Coming To America film series ,which was released in the year 1988. The story continues from where it was left. As the former prince Akeem Joffer (Eddie Murphy) was set to become the future king of Zamunda, He came to know that he has a son named Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler) who lives on the streets of America. So when Prince Akeem royal father came to know about Lavelle, He wished to see and groom Lavelle as the future crown prince before he dies. And to fulfil his last wish Akeem and his best friend Semmi (Arsenio Hall) heads back to America once again. With a lot of search he was able to find his son and his mother Mary (Leslie Jones) and pleaded them to come along to Zamunda with them.


Coming 2 America Release Date

05 March 2021


  • Director Craig Brewer
  • Release Date 5 March 2021
  • Language English
  • OTT Platform Prime Video


This sequel is here after 30+ years later, directed by Craig Brewer. The part one wasn’t the funniest movie of all time but it was a good one. The sequel as well won’t make you laugh the whole time but will definitely make you smile. The scenes are quite elaborate, the comedy songs, the dances, they are so much fun to watch. It is also very musical. The prince who’s all set to become the king and he’s recently told that he has a son in America, and they wish to groom his kid to become a prince. So Akeem and Semmi go back to America once again to find his son and his mother. Definitely a one time watch, it’s really funny and you should definitely watch this movie wit your family. It gives justice to the original movie.

FAQs about Coming 2 America

  • Who is the director of Coming 2 America?
    Craig Brewer
  • What is the release date of Coming 2 America?
    5 March 2021
  • Who is playing lead role in Coming 2 America?
    Eddie Murphy