College Romance Season 2

College Romance Season 2 (2021)

Genre: ComedyRomance
joyadda Joy Score 8.9 / 10

The series is about three friends named Trippy, Karan and Naina and their love stories in their college. All three of them fall in love with entirely different people. The main plot is the relationship that these three share which is very entertaining to watch. We see more tension and problems in their relationship and will test their friendship. The season 2 will pick up from the story where they left in the Season 1. All of them go back to college after a vacation. Naira and Bagga are still in a perfect relationship, although Naira plans to go abroad for further studies, Karan and Deepika in a confusing relationship as Karan is very emotional and tolerant while Deepika is very bossy and shouts a lot. Trippy just had a break up and is going around with different girls but finding it hard to get a closure. They all hold on to their friendship strong even after going through a lot.


College Romance Season 2 Release Date

29 January 2021

College Romance Season 2 Cast


It looks like a movie for young Adults and Teens, All about what happens on campus, romance, breakups and friendship. As the title suggests, it’s about romance in college, Where Karan and Deepika are in a relationship who are a little confused about each other and are finding it hard to adjust with each other. Trippy just had a breakup and is finding it difficult to have a closure. Naira and Bagga are such a sweet couple but Naira is planning to go abroad for further studies and they still want to hold onto each other so they decide they’ll get into a long distance relationship. In the first episode, they get back to college after a vacation, where we see Trippy bringing a new girl after his breakup. It will remind you of hanging out with your friends, roaming around at night, partying and recall all your memories. All the characters have performed exceptionally well and you’ll fall in love with each one of them as it feels so real. The series have tried to cover almost all topics for the youth like pre-marital sex, bro-code, Pregnancy test, Erectile dysfunction, Partying, breakups, egos and lot more.
The series is funny but there is a lot of emotional drama. It’s a one time watch, it’s chill, there’s action, drama, romance and friendship, a full pack. It’ll make you smile and you’ll enjoy watching it throughout.

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