Bridgerton (2020)

joyadda Joy Score 8.7 / 10

This eight-episode drama series takes place in the early 19th century, revolving around eight siblings looking for the loves of their lives. The first season is mainly about Daphne, the eldest daughter in the Bridgerton family looking for the perfect guy in the marriage market where young girls are introduced to young men in parties and dances. The favorite ones are called home to get second opinions from the family. After a couple of incidents, Daphne feels she’s losing her value in the market and comes up with a plan with Simon who’s a hot Duke. Apart from Daphne and Simon there are story plots of all the other siblings as well which makes it so much more fun as you want to know what’s happening in the lives of each one of them.

Featheringstons is another entire family that is also involved in the whole drama. All the anonymous scandal sheets is reported to the entire town by a writer who calls herself lady Whisletown.


Bridgerton Release Date

25 December 2020


  • Release Date 25th December, 2020
  • Language English
  • Creator Chris Van Dusen


This Netflix series is about eight siblings of the Bridgerton family who are very close, find love and happiness in the high society of London. This shondaland series cast is game in almost everything, each of them playing their role beautifully. This web series is inspired by Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels and is now in the Top 10 List on Netflix in India and is receiving a lot of praise.

The production and costumes are aesthetic and make the visuals very vibrant. All the episodes have such an ending where you feel like you want to watch one more and then you don’t realise that you’ve binged watched the whole series. We’d definitely suggest you to watch this series once as it’s full of drama and entertainment!

FAQs about Bridgerton

  • Who is the director of Bridgerton?
    Chris Van Dusen
  • What is the release date of Bridgerton?
    25th December, 2020
  • Who is playing lead role in Bridgerton?
    Phoebe Dynevor