Bekaboo 2

Bekaboo 2 (2021)

Bekaaboo 2 is another season and the story only emphasis in Bekaaboo 2 as Kiyan has determined his eyes for the payoff.

Bekaaboo is based on characters from the best-selling novel ‘Black Suits You’ by Novoneel Chakraborty. Bekaaboo 2 takes off from where part 1 had left us with respect to the characters and the plot. Taher Shabir and Priya Banerjee play the lead roles in Bekaaboo 2 as Kiyan and Kashti respectively.


Bekaboo 2 Release Date

15 March 2021


  • Language Hindi
  • Country India


FAQs about Bekaboo 2

  • Who is the director of Bekaboo 2?
    Akshay Choubey