Latest Updates on Anupama

  • 2021-03-23

    Anupama to open her Dance Academy

    Star Plus’s Anupama serial is ready for a new twist in the storyline when Samar decides to open Anupama Dance Academy. Till now it has been shown that Kavya gets shocked seeing Anupama as she changed her decision to leave the house. Now it shows that Kavya will try to provoke Vanraj and make many attempts to change his impressions against Anupama. She also requests Vanraj to find a solution. However, on the other side, Samar decides to fulfill Anupama’s wish to open Anupama Shah’s Dance Academy. Samar also gets good news and is extremely glad to know that Anupama got her first 100 students who joined her dance class. Hence, Samar and others decide to celebrate this massive success. But here Kavya is still jealous and once again tries to instigate Vanraj. Vanraj is very angry seeing this celebration. On the other side, Pakhi returns back to the house and plans to give surprise to the entire Shah family. Now it would be really interesting enough to watch out that whether Pakhi will witness Vanraj-Anupama’s fight in this celebration. If yes, then how she will react to it. And what will be the consequences?