Akshara (2021)

joyadda Joy Score 8.0 / 10

Akshara is a crime thriller in the backdrop of the education mafia. The story is based about a punctual college teacher and the ways she dealt with the dangers of the education system. The film is based on both a thriller and a commentary genre on education in India.

As time moves forward by, friendship seems to take a few steps forward between Akshara and her colleague Sri Teja(Sri Teja). One fine day, Teja decides to propose to Akshara, but as a major twist, she kills him all of a sudden. The movie is streaming on Amazon Prime.

Akshara Release Date

26 February 2021


The story portrays a strong message to the society and parents. The concept of the movie is to provide stress free education to the students. The best part of the story kickstarts right after the interval, drenched with complete toss and turns.

Apart from the story, all the characters have given their best and have excellently portrayed themselves, doing justice to their respective roles. Every thriller lovers will definitely appreciate the plot of the story, after giving this a watch. Keeping aside the entertainment part, the story also grabs success by portraying some moral and strong message to the audience. A must watch!

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