Aa Bhi Ja O Piya

Aa Bhi Ja O Piya (2021)

Genre: RomanceFamily

Aa Bhi Ja O Piya is a story that revolves around Kaushal who resides with his parents in a remote picturesque Jharkhand village. Converting his passion for Bonsai plantation into profession he has his own Nursery. Kalpana, a city girl from an army family is on a research tour with her mother and driver. Their car meets an accident in a storm. Kaushal rescues and brings them home. Circumstances force them to extend their stay at the village. For the first time Kalpana experiences village life and is exhilarated. Natural beauty of the surroundings and the dignity and simplicity of village culture leave her awestruck. Assisting in her research, Kaushal shows her interesting historical and natural locales. In the process, the extremely handsome but lovesick Kaushal gets to interact closely with the very attractive, courteous and caring Kalpana. With graceful urban manners she is different from anyone else in the village.​ ​ Feelings develop between the youngsters but they are unable to express.

Aa Bhi Ja O Piya Release Date

16 April 2021

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